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Prepare to take on entrepreneurial endeavors in the arts.


Master of Arts in Arts Management

The MA in Arts Management program is conducted over four semesters. It features:

  • 10 courses totaling 30 credit hours
  • 15 months to complete
  • 100% online course delivery
  • 2 starts per year – fall, spring
  • A blend of asynchronous coursework and live online classes

Course Sequence

Spring 2023

TermCourse CodeCourse Title
AAMGT 5013Overview of AM & Entrepreneurship
ADRAM G4853Theatre Management
BAMGT 5263Fundraising and Development in the Arts
BAMGT 5273Innovative Approaches to Museum Leadership 

Summer 2023

TermCourse CodeCourse Title
AMGT 5033Entrepreneurial Mindset
AMGT 5030Internship
AMGT 5970Special Topics

Fall 2023

TermCourse CodeCourse Title
AAMGT 5220Marketing in the Arts
AARTC 5283The Global Art Market
BAMGT 5243Leadership & Strategic Thinking in the Arts
BAMGT 5173Artist Management

Spring 2024

TermCourse CodeCourse Title
AMGT 5233Financial Management & Budgeting in the Arts

**Sample course sequence - sequence will change based on student's elective selections

Course Descriptions

Fall 2023

AMGT 5013 Overview of Arts Management and Entrepreneurship This course presents an overview and explores the basic concepts of arts management, arts administration, and arts entrepreneurship covering basic and applied knowledge of financial statements, powerful constructs for strategy, negotiation skills, and marketing.
AMGT 5033 Entrepreneurial Mindset in the Arts For students intent on developing artistic sustainability, entrepreneurial success, and creative/social change, this hands-on course is delivered through various arts-focused exercises and projects dealing with ideation, action, marketing, pitching, plans, and strategy.
AMGT 5223 Marketing in the Arts This course gives students an understanding of negotiation (advocating for an outcome with multiple parties) and marketing (advocating for one’s mission, service, or product) in preparation for an organizational or entrepreneurial role in the arts.
AMGT 5233 Financial Management and Budgeting in the Arts This course provides an overview of best practices in regard to budgeting for artistic ideas. It explores long-range planning implications and budget forecasting models for arts organizations. Students are provided with datasets and pre-built models.
AMGT 5263 Fundraising and Development in the Arts An exploration of approaches to the development of capital for projects, whether for artists or arts organizations, including techniques for the facilitation of individual donations, corporate and foundation contributions, and government grants.
AMGT 5243 Leadership and Strategic Thinking in the Arts The course provides best strategic practices for leaders of arts organizations, addressing the importance of planning and decision making, creating mission, vision and value statements, and development of a complete strategic plan.
AMGT 5030 Internship An internship is a planned work experience related to your personal and academic goals pertaining to a career in the arts, arts management, or entrepreneurship. Students are to complete a daily journal during the internship and a summary paper.
AMGT 5990 Special Topics: Independent StudyStudents engage in a large-scale project pertinent to the field of Arts Management and Entrepreneurship. Projects could be market research, a thesis, designing a complete portfolio, a recording project, developing an app, or more.

Sample Electives

DRAM G4853 Theatre ManagementThis course focuses on the study of the fundamental operations of commercial, professional non-profit, stock, dinner, and university theatre in the United States.
AMGT 5283 The Global Art MarketThis course equips students with the practical understanding and professional skills necessary to navigate the art business world, including galleries, auction houses, art fairs, foundations, and artist collectives.
AMGT 5173 Artists ManagementThis course explores the roles, importance, and functions of artist managers and artistic teams, and how they impact the career of performing artists. Students will examine the principles of contract negotiation, revenue generation, and the artist as a brand.
AMGT 5273 Innovative Approaches to Museum LeadershipThis course offers an in-depth study of the philosophy, policies, and practices of museum governance, including such topics as ethics, board development, institutional mission, and organization.